•Adas Polo with Cumin Chicken
~Persian lentil rice made with cumin, saffron and a hint of butter accompanied by juicy chicken and a side of tomato cucumber salad. 

•Vegetarian Yellow Curry
~A delicious and fragrant curry with tempeh, coconut milk and vegetables. Served with white rice. 

•Turkey Chili
~A rich and hearty version with turkey, beans and peppers. Of course it’s served with our famous cornbread. 

•Shami Pita Sanwiches
~A traditional Persian dish of potato and ground turkey patties, served with a side of romaine leaves, tomato slices and homemade sauce to build your own delectable sandwiches. 

•Chicken Pot Pie
~The kind you just want to curl up with on these cold nights and enjoy with gusto. Homemade savory pie crust and packed with flavor. 

•Chicken Spaghetti
~No processed cheese in sight! Only the creamy richness of real ingredients, including Colby jack cheese, chopped baked chicken and vegetables. 

•Smoked sausage jambalaya (very mild and flavorful) vegetables and rice. 


•Turkey burgers with all the fixings.


•Chicken tenders, roasted yams and green beans


•Beef and vegetable lasagne


•Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo


Additions for your consideration:
•Chicken and vegetable soup
100% homemade, healing and soothing. $10 (one order served 2) 

•Garlic Rosemary Rolls by popular demand, these fluffy delicious pillows are made from scratch from the only the best ingredients and accompany any meal beautifully!
$1 each