How does your meal delivery service work?

Every Saturday morning we provide you with a new menu on and on our Facebook group page. You select a quantity of meals as you wish, and let us know how many are eating, and we will be sure to provide you with plenty of delicious home cooked food for each of your selections. At this point we are delivering, but you are welcome to come pick up the food on Sundays as well! Just let us know which option you’d like.

How do I get included in the Facebook group?

Simply contact us on our Wow Dolce Facebook page, private message us there, or contact Katy McGill, and we will gladly add you to the list so that you can be updated with any news or menus weekly.

How much is your meal delivery service?

We ask that you reach out to us for a quote. The cost depends on the number of people eating and the number of meals you choose from the menu. We cook meals and package them in a way that makes the most sense for you to easily prepare and serve the food for your family. Convenience is key! We do all the shopping, prepping, most of the cooking and of course cleaning up! All you have to do is heat the food, as needed, and enjoy it at your convenience.

How do I contact you?

Our website has a lot of helpful information. Please visit You can also reach us by email at or call us at (214)617-4544. Katy McGill is the proprietor of Wow Dolce and would love to connect with you!

Do you do meal plans or just family meals?

We do both. The menus that are available from Saturday-Tuesday are family meals, but if you have other culinary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, special meal plans for workout regimens or weight loss, we can also help you on an individual basis. Just contact us and let us know what you need. We would be happy to accommodate your unique needs, help you adhere to specific menu goals or make sure your food consumption is allergy free. Please let us know between Saturday-Tuesday for your meals to be prepared by the following weekend.

I don’t know if I can fit your service in my budget. What should I do?

We understand your hesitation. After all, to part with a certain amount of hard-earned money for a set number of meals seems like a lot. But please consider the time and money it takes you to shop for the raw ingredients required to make meals for your family, the time it takes you to prepare it, clean up after said preparation and after eating, food spoilage from not consuming all you’ve purchased—not to mention such obscure factors as your energy and enjoyment level for preparing food for your family after a busy day that just took it out of you…wouldn’t it just be a relief to know that complete, healthy and delicious meals are sitting in your refrigerator, joyfully prepared and delivered for you by a professional chef, and that all you have to do is follow simple heating instructions and enjoy the meals? I think you would agree that it would be lovely just to try it. There is no obligation to subscribe. We understand if you would like to order some meals one week, nothing the next, have us cater a meal for you and your in-laws, a date night or special meal for you and your husband or wife, a birthday celebration is coming up and you need some help, or if you would like to treat some friends or family to a surprise week’s worth of meals…Just feel free to contact us at or on Facebook any time!

Does the menu change each week?

Yes! We try to provide you with a varied and flavorful selection of items on the menu inspired by intriguing and delectable world cuisine. We incorporate your proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates in each meal so you’re satisfied and happy—and hey, maybe you’d like to order a pie, cake, cookies or cakies (look on or our Facebook page if you’re curious what these delightful treats are…) dessert from us as well. ☺ We are, after all, a boutique bakery with a wondrous array of sweets and treats available, made to order for you. Gluten-free options for most sweets and treats are also available. We use the freshest ingredients, shopping only for the orders at hand each week so that you are getting the best we can get our hands on. Hence the all-important order cut-off. Much planning goes into your thoughtfully prepared menu selections. So thank you in advance for helping us provide you with this amazing “home-cooked” meal delivery service by helping us keep it all straight and organized.

Where do you cook the meals?

We use a commercial kitchen in Plano. It’s a 6,000 sq.-ft. professional facility that meets all requirements to safely prepare your meals and more. It’s called Cookline, and you can find us there mostly on Saturdays running around preparing your delicious food! Come by and say hello! You are more than welcome to stop by on Sundays and pick up your meals there! Just let us know in advance as it is a secure-entry locked down facility and we’d have to let you in. ☺

I have a strict gluten-free diet. Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

Absolutely! We would love to help you enjoy terrific “home cooked” meals with all of your unique specifications. Nothing would make us happier! Honestly! Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you!

Do I have to order meals for all days of the week? Is there a minimum?

We ask that you please order a minimum of 4 entrees in any given week. But aside from that it’s up to you how many you would like to order in addition.

Do we have to subscribe to your service?

Not at all! You are more than welcome to use our service any time you need our help the most. If that’s on an ongoing basis, terrific! WE LOVE IT! But if not, we are here for you when you need us! Please remember that we are also a boutique bakery, so if you need cookies or any kind, pies of any variety, cakes and tarts…WE DO IT ALL! Last minute orders are welcome, but you can order baked goods any day of the week. Our prices are very reasonable as well!

Do we have to order the same entrée for everyone in our family per meal selection?

Yes, that is in fact how it works. Imagine you were to prepare one meal selection for your family. Everyone would be eating the same main dish and sides for that meal. You would shudder to wrap your brain around fixing each person a different meal, right? Having said that, there’s nothing stopping you from mixing and matching your entrees once we’ve delivered them to you. So there you go! Everyone wins. Just think variety when ordering, and you’re sure to make everyone in your household a happy camper!

How far do you deliver?

We gladly deliver to you within a certain mile radius of our commercial kitchen. Please contact us for the final answer on this one, because we would love to help you out! Even if we have to meet you halfway! It can be done!

Can we pick our order up?

Yes, absolutely! Our commercial kitchen, Cookline is located in Plano and if you give us a heads up that you’re coming to pick up we’ll gladly buzz you in to complete the transaction.

What forms of payment do you take, and is it secure?

We accept credit card payments with Applepay, Androidpay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover through a mobile wireless Square chip reader or mobile Square swipe reader. We can immediately text or email you a receipt for the transaction and it is totally secure. We also accept checks made out to Wow Dolce, and of course cash.

Can I gift your service to someone?

You are so sweet to ask! Yes! People do this all the time with our service. And it is one of the most helpful and thoughtful things you can do for someone. Maybe you know of someone who has had a rash of illness in their family and are completely spread thin. Or a friend or family member who recently had an injury and could use some help in the culinary department for a short time. Or you want to cheer someone up with a sweet or treat we can lovingly prepare and take to them? We will gladly prepare meals or treats and deliver them to your chosen recipient. They will be so grateful! What a loving gift!