We bring you the warmth of ‘home’ as delicious, professionally hand crafted food with our event catering and all kinds of sweets and treats.

Anything is possible with Wow Dolce!

Wow Dolce provides you with unforgettable global cuisine you and your guests will love. You will delight in our thoughtful preparations of your choosing, as well as our cakes and treats of all shapes and sizes, cookies and bars in any flavor and style, pies and tarts, savory quiches, cupcakes and more! All made to order just for you. We proudly produce our delectable food and treats in a professional kitchen, and we deliver! Just about anything you can imagine is possible with our service. We love the challenge!

Take advantage of our full-service catering and event planning services. Please contact us to plan the perfect occasion for your networking, corporate, wedding, holiday or birthday party needs.

We view food as an experience, to be shared and enjoyed in good company, a nostalgic journey around the world without having to leave your front door.  Our creations are yours to enjoy, with love and in good health! We hope to meet you soon and WOW you with our offerings.

If you keep good food around,

you will eat good food.